Consulting and serving people, organisations, and the community

Below you will find out information related to my work as a HRM/OD consultant, policy advisor, and mentor, which include professional appointments and  volunteering work.

Member of the Advisory Board

Sectoral Scientific Council, Human Resources and Skills – National Research, Technology and Innovation Council – Ministry of Developments and Investements, Hellenic Republic
10/2020 – Today (pro-bono service)

– Appointed to serve at the Sectoral Scientific Committee “Human Resources and Skills” that supports the National Research, Technology and Innovation Council (ESETEK), the highest consultative institution of the Hellenic Republic in research and innovation matters

– The committee is required to depict the current situation in Greece regarding specific thematic areas, benchmark best practices in selected countries, recommend legal initiatives and governance frameworks, recommend plans for private and public funding of institutions and infrastructures, suggest measures to update the national strategy in the HR field, evalaute the benefits and costs to the society and the economy and collaborate with other ministries and / or institutions in the country.

Organisational Development Consultant  

Holyday Studios Gaming Comapny – Cyprus,
04/2022 – today

Advises the leadership team on organizational development and people management issues.

– Coaches all employees on a monthly basis 

    HRM Advisor

    Social Space Academy – Cyprus,
    06/2021 – 12/2021

    – Design of a technical proposal for a program on cultivating HR innovation in firms in Cyprus that was submitted and approvated for fudning by the Authority of Human Resource Development in Cypurs

    – Training and consulting services provided to firms in Cypurs on building employee engagement through innovation in human resource management


    HR Pedia Interactive –

    2019 (volunteering)

    – Co-founded a free and interactive knowledge portal for HR professional in Greece

    HRM Advisor

    06/2012 – Today

    – Advises the CEO of SOFMAN S.A Steel Construction industry, on leadership and strategic HR

    – Consults on the design of policies and practices in the areas of selection, training and performance management

    Senior Consultant

    Human Resource Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers
    06/2007 – 06/2010

    Athens, Greece

    – Managed HR consulting projects for multinational clients in various industry sectors (e.g. banking, construction, retail, leisure, sports) and on several topics (e.g. performance management, reward management, talent management, benchamking, employee assessment and development, career management, and organisational restructuring).

    – Trained executives, managers and HR teams on behalf of the PwC Academy (Indicative courses: Strategic HRM, recruitment and selection, performance management and development, HR metrics, train the trainer

    – Designed and conducted business research studies (HRM in Greece, Performance management, The employment of graduates)

    – Participated in PwC Marketing and CSR activities through presentations in conferences, preparation of speeches, articles in the press and company newspaper

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