Conference papers, white papers, and reports

This section includes conference papers, most of which have been further developed into publications. White papers and business reports can be direclty downloaded. If there is a study that you cannot find, please contact me and I will be happy to send it to you!

Conference papers 

Does servant leadership matter for faculty satisfaction? The mediating role of shared governance.

Krepapa, A., Tasoulis, K. and Khlat, A. 2020.
European Academy of Management, Dublin, Ireland

Who cares about Corporate Social Responsibility? An organizational justice perspective.

Tasoulis, K, Vlachos, P., Kay, A. 2019.
European Academy of Management, Lisbon, Portugal

Coaching talent: A review, typology and research agenda.

Nyfoudi, M., & Tasoulis, K. 2018.
Academy of Management Proceedings, Chicago, USA

Leadership integrity and HRM in Greece: Gatekeeper or Bystander?

Tasoulis, K., Stewart, M. & Krepapa, A. 2017.
3rd Global Conference in International Human Resource Management, Pensylvania State Unviersity, New York, USA

Onshoring high rank sea farers: A source of competitive advantage?

Syed, K. Tasoulis, K. and Progoulaki, M. 2015.
European Conference on Shipping, Intermodalism and Ports. Chios, Greece.

HRM Practices in the Greek crisis: Retrenching Engagement?

Patra E. and Tasoulis, K.  2013.
10th European Congress of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association, Amsterdam, Netherlands

HRM, employee multiple value systems and work attitudes: A conceptual framework.

Tasoulis, K. and Purcell, J. 2005.
55th Annual British Universities Industrial Relations Association conference, Newcastle, England

Relationships of perceptions of organisational culture, people management and employee attitudes.

Tasoulis, K. and Purcell, J. 2005.
3rd  Management Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change, Rhodes, Greece

White papers and reports

People Analytics: The utilisation of people management data by firms in Greece (in Greek)

Tasoulis, K, Kravariti, F. Kyriakidoy, O, Soukouli, P., Papatzimoy, V., Kalemidou. G. (2022).

In collaboration with KPMG.

Talents and businesses in Greece: An uneasy symbiosis? (in Greek)

Tasoulis, K., Theriou, G., Vlachos, P., & Cabolis, C. 2019

On the integrity of senior managers: The views of HR Directors (in Greek)

Tasoulis, K. & Krepapa. 2018.
Transparency International Greece.

Case Study: E-shop creation and barriers of e-business / Fleria Floral Creations, Greece.

Tasoulis K. 2007.
Sectoral e-Business Watch, European Union.

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