Theriou, G., Tasoulis, K., & Kelsidou, E. 2016. Experiential Learning in Leadership: A leadership development simulation exercise. International Leadership Journal. June, 8 (2), pp 104-115. Available at:

The aim of this pedagogy piece is to provide an experiential learning activity that fits within the curriculum of a leadership course. The activity is a one-on-one role-playing exercise in which participants are assessed on the following generic competencies: people management, planning and organization, and customer focus. Students are divided into participants, role players, and assessors. Participants assume the role of an area sales manager, while role players assume the role of a branch employee. Assessors evaluate and provide feedback to participants. Through a realistic process and using different perspectives, students have the chance to face, consider, and assess different leadership competencies, especially as they relate to leadership development in sales or marketing operations. This pedagogy piece contains the necessary information to conduct the exercise as it is described. Potential challenges and practical considerations are also noted. 

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