Vlachos, P., Krepapa, A., Koritos, C. Tasoulis, K., & Theodorakis, I. 2016. Containing CSR Scepticism: A comparison of Cause-Related Marketing Quantifiers on Customer Attributions of Corporate Motives. Corporate Reputation Review. February, 19(1): 4-21.

In this study we examine how companies can better manage consumers’ corporate social responsibility (CSR)-induced unfavorable attributions through CSR communication. Specifically, we focus on transaction-based cause-related marketing (CRM) initiatives, and investigate how CRM quantifiers-namely a major component of the message content of the CRM activity- can be better managed in an effort to reduce self-centered motives and increase other-centered motives. Theoretically building on the psychology of money and CSR literatures, we find that the corporate philanthropy CSR type and the in-kind CRM quantifier have the greatest potential in reducing self-centered motives and increasing other-centered motives. Hypotheses were tested using a single-factor between subjects experimental design, in the context of a global FMCG brand implementing a CRM campaign during the Special Olympics 2011.

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